Ever wanted to quit your job and do your own thing? I did it!

After years of feeling dissatisfied with my full time positions, I reached my early thirties and decided to take a break from the rat race to explore the world of self employment. Six months after my escape, I realised that just because I could work in front of the TV wearing tracksuit bottoms, a bobbly cardigan and Celie braids every day, it didn’t mean I should.

I love fashion but I’m no expert and I have never really had time to think about it much. Whilst working for globally recognised organisations people were banging down my door to collaborate on projects, but now I’m working for myself first impressions count and I’m ready for my style (and my money) to grow up.

It takes hard work to be successful, but you can look fabulous getting there: The Chic Hustle.

If you’re thinking about changing your career path, changing your style or changing your life, follow my journey as a new entrepreneur and see how it impacts me, my relationships and my bank balance. I’ll share stories, fashion inspiration and anything else that encourages me as I create my new lifestyle.

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Paulette x

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9 thoughts on “About”

  1. All the best!! Love the courage :)

  2. Hey, thanks for following ‘The Savvy Senorita’. I totally appreciate it! Oh, I too have been on THE life changing quest, well, still actually on the quest! It is tough, and never what you think it will be. Sharing tips, and insights into all of the complex, crazy twists and turns has to be a great idea! I think knowing people are fallible, and don’t just run straight from step A to Z helps others feel they perhaps can have a go too! Look forward to being able to dip into your journey! All the luck, Bex

  3. I rarely say this but i love your blog! From your theme, to your layout, to your story….LOVE IT!!!!

  4. Hey Paulette,

    Don’t know where to begin lol…..

    VisionClass brought me here!!! I started VC from day one but ended up quitting TWICE :( … I been following Shira ever since 2009 when she only did make up and it wasn’t untill she started book club with Write it down make it happen. Months after that came visionclass and it was exactly what I needed that time in my life. I fell off but now (1 year later) I feel so drawn back to everything VC is about.

    So………. I started doing morning pages again and also affirmations,where I said I would attrackt and stumble upon inspiring people, rather inspiring entrepeneurs. And BOOM….. 3 hours later (literally) I stumbled upon this blog…..

    I aint even read 3 posts but Im already loving this site girl. Thank you for sharing your visions and dreams and sharing the positive energy!!

    XO Steph

    • Aw hi Steph!! Thank you so much!

      I fell off Vision Class too but I do think its an awesome program. I now never take synchronicity for granted, I always see it as a sign I’m on the right path. And I kept the artist dates and have had some really great experiences hanging out with me ;0)

      What sort of business do you (or will you) have?


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