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Yes, you read right – Karrueche! Chris Brown’s on again, off again, Rihanna break, on again girlfriend.

Whilst I’ve giggled at the dismissive nicknames – Karate Chop, Carrot sticks and Crutchie to name a few, this girl was making moves this week….who’s laughing now?

I do have an issue with ‘the girlfriend of’ limelighter and the Kardashian klan have done nothing for my respect levels of the ‘famous for famous sake’ tribe of celebrity. But whilst I’m not familiar with her philanthropic work (refer to her Instagram description), this week Karrueche caught my attention and I couldnt help but give her a “Yes, get it girl!”

1. “I’ve Got A Tiny Little Booty With Stretch Marks”

The post has now disappeared from her IG page but after my disappointment at Teyana Taylor’s ‘alleged’ nose job, it was refreshing to see a woman in the public eye embracing her tiny booty not least because my butt does not look dissimilar to hers! Despite half the women we see in the media today making it seem as though injected, fat transferred, disproportionate rears are the norm, she reminded all of us small booty women that “There’s nothing wrong with the way God made us.”

2. Karrueche TShirts

When I first saw this I thought she was designing a line of T’s, which wasnt shocking as I know she has her own clothing line – but no. Californian lifestyle brand PacSun are set to release a brand of tshirts with Miss K’s face on them. Why not? She’s gorg and I’ve seen more than a few of her outfits that I’ve added to my lookbook.

3. Hosting on the BET Awards red carpet

Many a student, intern or career starter would kill for an opportunity like this.  I’ll ignore for a minute Necole Bitchie’s accusations that Karrueche got the gig in exchange for Chris Brown agreeing to perform at the Awards show. But to the people whinging about her getting this break when others who have studied get passed up I’d say….”huh?” What world do you live in! The entertainment industry is about exposure, a following and money. Why on earth are you surprised!?


So this post is not about my adoration for Karrueche or her amazing resume and credentials. Its about my respect for great hustle! Chic Hustle at that. Good for you girl!