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A Private Challenge

This week you’ll choose an intimidating feat that you’ll take on next week. After you’ve chosen it you’ll want to:

– Break it into manageable components
– Analyze each component and decide what needs to be done and accomplish it
– Make a list, a graph or a chart to visually help you
– Research examples of others who have gone before you and succeeded
– Rehearse what you’re going to say
– Visualize yourself attempting the feat and succeeding (i.e. cold-calling a new client and getting the order)

Spend your week dreaming of possibilities and preparing for the big push next week!


I’ve missed a whole load of weeks! 7 to be exact. I’m not going to catch up – I’ll just continue from here. So….

I would like to secure free or extremely cheap premises for a series of workshops. I don’t know the local area well so I’ll need to research potential places, plan an approach and actually make the calls!

I’m gonna get day dreaming of yes’s!


For 1 year…52 weeks, I will keep track of my goals and follow the exercises from the book 52 Mondays: The One Year Path To Outrageous Success & Lifelong Happiness. Follow my journey…better yet – JOIN ME!