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Strengthen my relationship with and faith in God.

Meditate Daily (10mins)


(✓) I haves still been saying my affirmations daily and I now meditate regularly. I’d say I’m still on every other day. But I attend a lunch time mindfulness session every Wednesday lunch time at work as well. I’m really proud of my progress in this area.

Improve the quality of my relationships with family and friends and associates.

Send card/letter to a friend.

(x) I didn’t do this one. Will try again next month. I did however reach out to a couple of friends I haven’t seen in a while (like a year or so).

Meet one associate for coffee

(✓) I am meeting someone I met through my previous job on Friday. He kinda mentored me before my career break and is always a positive person to speak with. I’m looking forward to catching up with him.

Meet my future husband and be prepared for marriage.

Make 4 new recipes

Go on a Valentines date!

(x) I haven’t been cooking…at all! And I went out with a girl-friend on V-Day to celebrate her new job and my Fellowship! It meant we weren’t mopping around being single that night however I really do need to sign up for online dating…or something!

Increase my net worth and double my income.

Write outline for free ebook on wardrobe edit for blog.

No clothes or shoes

Run ½ Term project

(x) Fail! Lol! No other excuse here. Spent 90 quid on clothes the other day…but they were key pieces (hehe). I will carry the ebook and shopping ban over to March.

Saving Challenge

(✓) I have saved some of the money from my car insurance claim and I got some money from my work with the Film Guys. Oh and I got some money back from HMRC from my self assessment so I am back on track with the saving challenge. Whoop!

Actively work to broaden my personal skills, knowledge and experience.

Pass Project Management Exam

(?) Not sure if I’ve passed yet…

Finish reading 1 book

(x) Not even for my book club! I have suggested this month’s book, ‘Ghana Must Go’, so lets see how I get on with that.

One that I didn’t include here, was to successfully secure my Churchill Fellowship…

(✓) which I did! Yay!

Work on having a healthy, full, toned and hydrated body that I’m proud of.

Go running with my running pal once each week and go to the gym solo once each week.

(X) Nope. Although I have now taken up netball and have a Groupon voucher for a local Bikram yoga place that I’ll start when I get my car back.

Juice daily for 5 days

(X) Nope. I think I’ll do a weekend this month instead.

Drink 1 litre of water per day

(✓) Yes!

Get more involved in my community.

Start volunteering.

(✓) Yes! I’m now Secretary for a new Sickle Cell Action Group set up by my cousin. We had our first meeting this month and I’m very excited about what we have planned.

Choose to put my best foot forward in the way I present myself, my actions and behaviour.

Monthly threading, weekly facials / masks

(Part ✓) I did try…

This month has been a bit of a kick (it went so quickly as well!!)! I will definitely be going harder in March.