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Take a Risk

This week you’re going to take a risk that will shake you out of your complacency.

For example:

– If you want to start your own business, cold call one potential client and pitch your services
– If you want to start dating, go to a speed-dating event, or register online with a dating service

The outcome doesn’t really matter. You’re succeeding just by trying. The lesson here is that taking a risk can bring great rewards, that failure isn’t fatal, and that success is possible. So have fun!

I decided to take massive action by calling a large organisation to arrange a tour for our students during half term. Unfortunately they were not able to accomodate us but it was something I’d been putting off for no real reason besides not wanting to hear “no”. Now that’s out the way I feel I’m ready to call more until we get a “YES!”

February Goals

Strengthen my relationship with and faith in God.

Meditate Daily (10mins)


Improve the quality of my relationships with family and friends and associates.

Send card/letter to a friend.

Meet one associate for coffee

Meet my future husband and be prepared for marriage.

Make 4 new recipes

Go on a Valentines date!

Increase my net worth and double my income.

Write outline for free ebook on wardrobe edit for blog.

Saving Challenge

No clothes or shoes

Run ½ Term project

Actively work to broaden my personal skills, knowledge and experience.

Pass Project Management Exam

Finish reading 1 book

Work on having a healthy, full, toned and hydrated body that I’m proud of.

Go running with my running pal once each week and go to the gym solo once each week.

Juice daily for 5 days

Drink 1 litre of water per day

Get more involved in my community.

Start volunteering.

Choose to put my best foot forward in the way I present myself, my actions and behaviour.

Monthly threading, weekly facials / masks

Check out my January progress!


For 1 year…52 weeks, I will keep track of my goals and follow the exercises from the book 52 Mondays: The One Year Path To Outrageous Success & Lifelong Happiness. Follow my journey…better yet – JOIN ME!