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I have had years of experience making New Years resolutions and after the newness wears off reverting to what is comfortable. Haven’t we all?

But even though I may not see dramatic changes, I do believe that I creep closer and closer towards those goals every year but never quite know where I started out. So this year I decided before I dived in with SMART goals and accountability measures, I would p a u s e

and ask

Where am I now?

This year before setting my financial goals, I am (in the process of) assessing my current financial situation and determining my net worth. A shift from focusing merely on how much debt I have, and how much I have in savings and the fact that I have a property. When we take that all into account and do the sums, how much am I really worth? This is what really matters and my goal will be to increase my net worth by X%.  I plan to consider my current circumstance in all of my goal areas.

  • What are the quality of my relationship right now? Do I have the right people in my circle or are some people gonna have to get off the bus because we’re on different routes right now? Am I treating people how I’d like to be treated and expressing my love to them?
  • How fit and healthy am I? I ran 2.8k in 20mins the other day. That is my starting point. How many sit ups can I do? How much water am I drinking a day?
  • How often am I working on my business each week? What return is that getting me right now?

I want a clear and honest look at where I am now because although I may have a rough indication of what it is at the moment, 12 months from now I’m gonna forget and either I’ll feel like I haven’t accomplished much, or I’ll forget why I set the goals I did.

What are my motivations to change where I am?

Making major changes is a challenge when the new habit presents short term pain. Lately I have really cut down on watching television (which as they say “tells-lies-to-vision”) because it distracts me from doing the things I need to do and it’s full of repeats, nonsense and adverts. Did I know this before? Of course! So what changed?

Well, as I stared blankly at the screen I started to ask myself questions. Am I enjoying this? Have I seen this before? Did I even like it the first time? What is this programme telling me about life…most importantly my life? It motivated me to find myself answering negatively to all of these questions and I immediately began changing the channel or turning it off.  Instead I’ve been reading, checking out information on the net, meditating, exercising, watching things that I actually want to watch online. All of which I think are more productive than mindlessly gawking at my flat screen.

So ask yourself: why are you doing the things you’re doing now and what is the motivation for changing it. Write down your reasons for change so that you can come back to it throughout the year and if you find yourself slacking on the goal, strengthen your motivation by increasing the number of things that inspire you to make a change.

What are my words of wisdom for the 2014 me?

We are now bombarded daily with memes that sprinkle words of wisdom and recycled quotes on our days to get us through our ups and downs. But what is more powerful than taking the lessons I learned this year and passing them on to myself for the coming year? Be your own guru!

I’m still in the process of doing this now so I can’t share them all with you but one is:

If you don’t do anything, nothing gets done.

~The Chic Hustle

Yes, if you are busy talking about what you wanna do, what you can’t do, what you’re trying to do and not actually doing anything. Nothing will get done. I did that a bit. 2013. True story. I will write another post with the rest and provide a link here when its done.

In fact once I’ve completed this whole exercise I will write it all down, maybe even write a post here, so that I can really take a good look.

If you don’t do this already, before you go into New Years resolution mode maybe try a different approach so that when you look back on 2014 you have no doubts about how far you’ve come!

p.s. 2 days ago Beyonce silently dropped an album that blew 2013 UP! How could I not randomly mention that in an unrelated post?


p.p.s. I just finished a post with links to a detailed Annual Review! Have a look.