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A poster on one of the forums I visit is about a week or so away from completing a year long challenge based on the book 52 Mondays: The One Year Path To Outrageous Success & Lifelong Happiness. I saw her start the post and thought “hmmm yeah lets see if she follows this through”. I subscribed and sure enough she posted every week all the way to the end. WOW! So of course I was super inspired and have decided to use this blog to keep me accountable.

I liked her description of the challenge so I’ll share it here:

The book is designed to transform your life in one year. We all know how drastically life can change from one day to the next, moreover from one year to the next. Vic gives us a little piece of his personal story at the beginning of the book, telling the readers how in 1997, he had a family of 5 to support on just $14,027. 365 days later, he was earning six-figures.

The book breaks down the steps to transforming one’s life on a weekly basis; there are therefore 52 weeks’ of activities/exercises. The author assumes that the readers already have goals. His aim is to help us to achieve those goals.

The Original Poster’s suggestion was not to set too many goals but I’m struggling to prioritise them because they are all important to me. What I’ve decided to do is include them all and if I need to postpone some along the way.

  1. Strengthen my relationship with and faith in God.
  2. Improve the quality of my relationships with family and friends and associates.
  3. Meet my future husband and be prepared for marriage.
  4. Increase my net worth and double my income.
  5. Get more involved in my community.
  6. Actively work to broaden my personal skills, knowledge and experience.
  7. Work on having a healthy, full, toned and hydrated body that I’m proud of.
  8. Choose to put my best foot forward every day in the way I present myself, my actions and behaviour.

There are a number of goals hidden amongst the bigger goals but I’ve decided to keep them private for now and let you know once I’ve achieved them.

Each Monday I will post the exercise outlined in the book and each month I will post an update.

I’ll be starting on the 30 December 2013, please join me! For now, just comment below this post and let me know you’re in! If we get tons of people joining us I’ll find a better way to share updates etc.

Wish me luck! x