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Twelve months since leaving my job and I’m about to start some temping work. The business hasn’t yet made enough money for me or my business partner to cover expenses let alone get a salary. I know for a fact that if I had the same energy, enthusiasm and work ethic I have at the moment this entire year, things would have been a lot further along. But I didn’t, shoulda, woulda coulda (see – too much daytime Judge Judy anyway). Still I accept that everything has happened the way it’s supposed to.

The past year has been a great illustration of how time flies. I never would have thought that it would take so long for us to recruit students for our projects, or that securing funding would require so much evidence, which would come from us running more projects, which would require us to fill spaces aaaaannnndd we’re full circle.

As patient as my Mum, creditors and business partner have been, I realise that I have responsibilities. It feels so good to tell people I work for myself and I know it’s the right fit for me, but I need money. You have to be real with yourself. This doesn’t mean you give up. I certainly havent! I’ve just decided to strike more of a balance on the road to getting to where I’m going.

In March I joined a recruitment agency. The consultant was really friendly, genuine and positive (which is refreshing for that sector in my exprience), but she tried to send me to a temp position in Croydon. I live in North London so if you’re not from round here let me tell you, it’s faaaaaarrrrr! Not only was I not going to do a 3 hour round commute every day, I had also just been asked to work on a project with the Film Guys.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned them before but when I left employment as well as starting my business, I planned on working  freelance with an organisation that mentors young filmmakers. For the purpose of the blog I’ll call them the Film Guys, but their projects are amazing! They’ve won awards, worked with really big names in the film industry and wanted me to help with the delivery/project management side of things. Whilst they are way ahead of our start up, it’s still early days and so things haven’t really been moving as fast as I’d anticipated.

Back to March and a project in a school came up and they asked me to help out. I thought it would show my commitment, give me a better idea what they did and could potentially lead to more work, so I turned down the temp job and went to the school. It was a good project and they gave me a token payment, but it didn’t really go anywhere.

So last week, when the agency called and said there was a role they wanted to put me forward for, I knew this was the answer to several prayers. Literally. I needed money.

I went for the interview yesterday, they really liked me and I start tomorrow! The assignment will be until the end of the year. Lots of potential pros and cons which I’ll post about once I’ve started but my heart is still with my business. I have no intention of going back to full time employment permanently and will continue to work on manifesting my dream of running a successful business. Just a small bump in the long road ahead ;0)

I’ll keep you all informed on how it goes and how I balance the development of the business with less time on my hands. It will be done! Look out for my post tomorrow for details on how I manifested this opportunity. Off to bed. Early start tomorrow.

Have any of my fellow entrepreneurs out there had to take a similar detour on the road to a successful business? Got any tips you’d be willing to share?