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Have you ever actually implemented something so simple that ended up transforming the way you work?

If there was a book entitled ‘Success 101’, (no doubt there is), this would probably be on the first page, but recently I’ve found planning my week has made such a huge difference to how my week plays out.

Between Winter 2012 and a couple months ago my weeks were somewhat groundhog dayish. I was in the habit of waking up on a Monday morning, creating a to-do list after breakfast, tv and general lounging and then spent much of the remainder of my week procrastinating and picking really easy things to do.

As my motivation has increased and I’ve in turn got a lot busier, I’ve taken to spending a short amount of time on a Sunday evening looking over my diary and making a list of priorities for the week ahead.

Now I’ve read some really strategic forms of time management. The most complex of which equated goal success to business planning and reporting. So you make your overall goals, have weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual check ins, monitor your cashflow reports the whole nine. For me, as awesome as that sounds, after the first week I don’t tend to make it to my first quarterly review and all phone reminders and promptly silenced.

But the simplicity of taking 20 minutes on a Sunday to look ahead has been really effective. I’ve gotten more done (I loooove ticking off a checklist), had more energy and generally felt like things are moving. I’m all for a good spreadsheet (I’m not as intense as this paragraph is making me sound, honest) but this was just proof to me that planning your time doesn’t need to be laborious, time consuming and (often) counterproductive. I’m going to try and make this one a keeper.