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Remember a couple of weeks ago I spoke about how I might be interested in strengthening my position in the field of fundraising? Well I haven’t really been pursuing it too much as I’ve been trying to focus on the education centre and generally networking.

Well yesterday I attended a meetup group based on the Tim Ferris book The Four Hour Work Week. It included a talk by Daniel Priestley author of Become a Key Person of Influence: The five step sequence to becoming one of the most highly valued and highly paid people in your industry.

Daniel explained the background of his book and said that part of his business is to run conferences. Potential speakers would get in touch with his organisation and ask how they make it onto the agenda. His organisation would then send them a list of the 5 things they were looking for from contributors.

What he found was that people would come back to them and thank them for the list! They were so grateful that someone had broken down what they needed to do and in actual fact the things on the list helped their overall career.


Daniel went on to write a book about these 5 principles and has marketed them as the steps to becoming and ‘key person of influence’ (KPI). So I will now do my best to summarise those steps for you, hopefully they’ll help you as much as they did me.

1. Pitch

You must find the perfect pitch to sell yourself and your business. Make sure it stands out and gets some kind of reaction. It’s better for people to love it or hate it then to give a generic unemotional answer like, “Hmmm interesting!”

2. Published

To get your message out there and build credibility get published. This could be a blog, guest blogging on other popular blogs in your field, writing an article for a journal or magazine or even a book.  Daniel outlines the various types of books you can publish and how they can help.

3. Product

How can you create business assets? How can you take the valuable IP from your business and create products? He gave himself and the creation of his book from that information sheet to potential conference speakers as an example. Again there is a great chapter about this in his book.

4. Profile

Manage your online profile. When people Google you what do they find? More importantly if someone did a search looking to find an influential person in your field, would they find you? He offers great ways to use social media purposefully.

5. Partnership

The key to being a successful KPI is to link up with other people that can add value to what you are trying to do. A mutually beneficial partnership will multiply your time and rapidly increase your profits.

I would really recommend Daniel’s book! There is way more information than I’ve been able to summarise here.

If you’ve read the book, what did you think? Have you managed to use the suggestions to improve your business or career?