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I am so excited!!

I love YouTube. You can go on looking to find out how to get a stain out of your favourite dress and end up singing along to Mariah Carey videos for the rest of the evening. And it was in the vortex of homemade videos that I stumbled across SugarFreeTv, a channel by Shira J that I first thought was about make up, but soon discovered provided in depth, quality information on so much more.

I absolutely love self development and improvement and spent many many years reading books, being overwhelmed by positivity and then feeling a huge sense of disappointment. What soon became obvious to me was that no matter how many books I read, I would never become the person I dreamed of becoming and have the things I wanted without applying the knowledge I’d gained. And this is where I learned how crippling fear could be.

Having just embarked on the journey of self-employment I was praying for a way to strengthen my faith and along came Vision Class.

Vision Class is the online classroom created and facilitated by Shira, which interconnects its students, to help them find their path and achieve their individual visions.  By sharing with one another in a communal setting, the individual ability of each student to manifest her/his vision is strengthened, such that s/he become in alignment with her/his best self.

Over the next 12 weeks I have committed to reading and applying the information provided in the Vision Class course in order to not only motivate myself but to become aware of all the amazing things that are constantly surrounding me that will help me manifest my dreams.

If you’d like more information about Vision Class a great start would be to check it out here and join the Facebook community. It’s entirely FREE, there are a LOT of resources and Shira’s energy and approach is very uplifting. If you’d like to follow my journey please subscribe to this blog on the home page to receive updates.


Week 1

So this week has been pretty good! We are currently reading The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.

It was my birthday and I had already decided I would take myself out for the day so it was the perfect opportunity for my first Artists Date. I decided on the Tate Modern gallery, a walk around Southbank, some lunch and then a show. It was a cloudy day here in London but it really didn’t bother me. I had a lovely time just doing me.

 Artists Date 1

 Artist Date #1

The interesting thing is telling people you wandered around all day on your birthday alone. Some get it. But some kinda tilt their head to the side and give you that look. You know, like you’re an injured puppy dog. Add to that the fact that I’m single, and obviously I didn’t choose to spend this time alone.

Anyway, the morning pages are going well! I’ve missed 2 days of full writing where I clearly started and then got distracted never to return. But overall I can tell it’s having an impact. Getting everything out in a somewhat incoherent way is actually a relief. I dont use paragraphs and I question myself each time like should I? And then I think: no.

I came across this quote which reminded me of the Artist Dates and filling up my well.


A great place that helps me fill my well is my tumblr page. I fill it with things that inspire me. Fashion ideas, quotes, images that convey elegance and opulence or that represent the lifestyle I’d like to create for myself. It’s modern day chic with a vintage twist. Sometimes I see these beautiful dresses and think, “where would I ever wear something like that?” and catch myself and say, “I’m looking forward to going somewhere where I have to wear a dress like that!” *reblog*. I always have a warm feeling inside when I take a look through it.

Main Points: I loved the concept of connecting to God through creativity. Being spiritual and not really religious, it was nice for me to find another method to express my spirituality.

I’m still finding my feet with the assignments but I’m making my way through the three I wanted to avoid the most (which Julia Cameron suggests you make a point of attempting).

See you next week! Comment below and let me know if you decide to join Vision Class as well!

Huge thank you to Shira for Vision Class and your support! #wesupportyou x