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vintage black fashionImage source: http://www.facesofblackfashion.com

I’ve always looked presentable. I dabble a little in seasonal trends and high street must haves, but honestly never really push the boundaries when it comes to fashion as long as I look neat.

I enjoy being comfortable but it annoys me that I also look comfortable. I often wonder why people don’t really get dressed up anymore. Back in the day women just looked so sharp. One of my favourite fashion eras is the 20’s when women seemed to just ooze sex appeal and didn’t always have to show loads of flesh to do that. My modern day style icon is the character Joan Clayton from the series ‘Girlfriends’, played by Tracee Ellis Ross. Her style would be my ultimate goal! Classic and feminine. For me, this doesn’t read ‘comfortable’.

So why change my style at all? Why not just be ‘myself’? Well I’m now in my 30’s and quite frankly I don’t think the ‘myself’ I was in my 20’s style-wise should play a huge role in this decade of my life. She was at uni, she was in her first proper job, she was clubbing with other thousandaires, watching excessive amounts of TV and regularly wore trainers to the office. Would it be ok to be her in my 40’s too? A persons style should evolve and you should dress for the roles you want in life. Even JayZ knows when to dress for the occasion. I see grown women who still dress (and act) like teenagers. I’m not about that life. When does one start dressing like an adult?

The plan is not to go on a Primark shopping spree and end up having to do the same thing again next year. I don’t have the cash to spend on clothes at the moment so would like to work with what I’ve got and where possible buy pieces that will last a few years. I do however, think the quality of clothes has declined greatly. Even since shopping in my teens, the way that clothes wash and last has changed dramatically. Throw away items from cheap stores are not so surprising, but if I pay £60 for a top trust and believe I expect it to last me! I love stores like Mango, Zara even Banana Republic. This is the direction I’d like to take my style.

I know I need to get over feeling overdressed but with people happily stepping out of the house to go to Tescos in pyjamas, it’s really not hard.  The default dress code for society seems to be smart casual. I’ve seen people go into meetings to discuss hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of funding in jeans and trainers. As complacent as this can make you feel, I need to remember it that doesn’t make it ok.

The outfits and items that I choose to feature on The Chic Hustle will be more for inspiration and to showcase ways that I can transition into a style that suits my aspirations. I say transition as there’s nothing worse than making abrupt changes to your style and having people say things like “Ooooh, you going somewhere special?” or “You got a meeting today?”.

I’d like to say thank you in advance to the creators of the Polyvore sets I feature. If they inspire you too don’t forget to head over to Polyvore and follow them!